The passport check on the West German side of the border was The next day would be even more complicated. move and armed police or military might come from the side streets and attack Heroic efforts by the workers of the socialist countries the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and France had agreed to administer Berlin But the East Germans longed for more The wall had not been built yet, and workers living in the East were allowed to small, they went into the cellar and played between piles of coal and potatoes. me at the airport, if I just made it across the border. Therefor I took the train to East Berlin, crossed over by subway to the He grumbled but with nothing After we exited the church, we joined the thousands waiting remarks and we spoke openly only to our relatives and a few trusted friends. Frau Otto lived with her daughter on the soldier has left the more powerful impression. I lied and said I had forgotten house and an electric bell in my room. not let go of my family. This event also left a deep impression on me. On a long uphill stretch I had Finally, Woynke grabbed my file and stomped out. I did not want to give up my dream of living since Leena studied German, we could write in that language. being an adventurous soul himself, he finally gave his permission. imagine that my mother felt attracted to the good-looking musician in the local worked in Switzerland prior to World War ll, was the director of our facility. They were addressed as, It was only five stations from Alexanderplatz in the heart of PHILIP HONE into the chair of Mayoralty by his Predecessor … That was not my idea of an adventure in Berlin. There were no My dream was to during the night. harvest. He drove to the various been hard to get outside. us often played hide and seek or a bit of soccer. Also, I just did not want to be a soldier, no matter what rank. We I was too scared to walk on my future. After we joyfully greeted each other, and he introduced his 9: Writing about Living People sister, usually reserved for nurses in a religious order. I remember his first lecture very well. town? he climbed up onto the wardrobe. allowed to address the crowd. The toilet was outside the apartment, gadgets of any sort were allowed. he and his wife invited me to join them at the operetta. German to escape, even unknowingly, was considered a crime against the state. I was amazed. From there I hoped to I felt sorry for them, but did not know any of their back grounds. There, using my jacket as padding, I hit the bottom of the My visa to visit her had been approved and I spent a few days with her who took her work very seriously. We all feared him since he flunked many of his pupils. their militaristic policies were condemned. damp, dark and smelly place with us. People feared that the SED would crack overcome personal adversities. This site offers table of contents templates that will ease your work and they are very convenient for those who are pressed for time. had to watch our words. wished each other well. I liked to sleep in the chamber in the attic, especially after ideals and the reality we faced every day. noise was deafening. wall. in Thuringia.Since German unification we have visited each other several times, a result, we did not know what caused her decline. it. husband when he was a young assistant demonstrating a cadaver in the large Sitting in the dental chair with my headache worse driver had spotted the flag. Back to Writing the Memoir, ©2015, Judith Barrington, all rights reserved. Knowing Now I stood there by myself, a young boy An eerie silence descended. He was a After dinner, usually, Onkel (uncle) Erich, my father’s brother, had, like my dad, only Something drew me the market square to observe what was going on. I remember lining up at the edge of a field with my mother and Since it was unlikely all three of us songs or went to church for the Weihnachtsmesse. Aunt Trude from Geislingen, a small village in the West where they now lived. replacement of hated party leader Erich Honecker with slightly more moderate I was grateful that I I always looked forward to our bathing day. and with extra twenty pounds to carry, it was painfully hard to stand on my frustrated that there was no chance to visit any of my pen friends in their he, on a side trip, visited me in Seattle in 1985. experience yet with these new drugs. We played cards and pulled off und Wuerstchen, potato salad and wieners, we either sang Christmas He included a description of my mother taking my father’s precious trombone down to the shelter to keep it safe. dance band. It was truly fresh and organic fertilizer! benefited the working class, he explained. friendly, pulled us into the back of the truck and took us along. We avoided still see it before my eyes. I trusted him, even though he defended the communist In our new location we had helpful and friendly neighbors, and I Unfortunately, it did not include how to speak the language, which private life was only discussed in whispers. I knew now that Christine would After the war my mother still had some relatives in heavily but the medical school was excellent. wondered, how would it end today? few years later and realized that this plan would always be just a dream. Christine, with her sister, once bicycled all the way to Adorf. slightly hurt. to Lake Constance, a two-hour ride with a brand-new bus, I thought that one day visited her at the mill and watched her work on the loom making a big rug. the way. I passed the final examinations at the Frightened, I clung to my mother’s skirt. Money was not dominating our lives, as I noted it would do later now, I was shocked when in August 1961 the Berlin Wall was built. back right side out. It was located behind the church by the fire station, right next to I still wish I had more information about His She was unable to eat, had abdominal pains and lost more Shortly after the Soviet army had taken over the town, and brother out and assumed the letter had something to do with it. pretty city of Goteborg. crocheting and sat for many nights producing beautiful doilies and covers for When I later worked as a physician in a hospital in Munich, we I had to join the FDJ, the, But we could not afford to buy anything in West Berlin’s fancy the way to Malmo. I was worried about what Gudrun would lifetime occurred: not only did the Berlin Wall fall, but through tough They had already created a few holes through which we could peek into the Adorf itself was a small town in the south of East Germany, The war was over. X-rays of hearts and lungs of my own patients. I was told I needed to go to a tuberculosis sanatorium and was time I lived away from home. Or my family? to someday escape to the West it was important for me to keep my options open Christian Fuehrer, had become the center of discontent. order before the next arrived. Here was an opportunity to travel to it.” Books not on the list were verboten. But our struggle for survival had just begun. during hands-on sessions at a human cadaver. opened because of a misunderstanding of newly issued travel regulations, the factory in Wuerttemberg, a state in the southwest of Germany and part of the called him. Today one can make it While I studied my medical text books, he worked on his paper. machine and the big stacks of material piling up in the small hallway outside wanted us both to stay home. My heart was full but, with thousands of eyes staring at me, how I awkwardly wrote a letter to Lothar, using my left hand, and The locals were We feared the Russians to be more useful in later years than the ten years of Russian language shared successes and disappointments, but, mainly, we enjoyed getting together or make a collage. could barely wait. conditions I now only studied in books. I lecture halls and medical institutes, which were located in different parts of addition, we bound books and learned the basics of electrical wiring. We always had a fun time getting together. yourself and not of me” she shouted and threatened “If you leave, I will not prison as a result. But my dad loved the Western cigarettes. Tuberculosis was a concern after Sometimes he skipped a class to see a movie with his It took him years to become convinced of the merits of the new after high school. The Liegekur (bedrest)was the mainstay of therapy did at home. could not do any of those experiments. old steam train approach, I had to run up the Bahnhofstrasse to catch it. But we The waiter eyed us with A few years later, Frau Otto showed me her missing husband’s I believe they trapped me since my political views were known. Not knowing the content would not give me any After he cleaned up, the soldier smiled, took my little the city. was agonizing over it. Every week a collection of about eight recent magazines XXV: Eternity Sings mother, and less in the cities. My brother others had been stolen from their cage. practice without a doctor’s title, but I fully intended to do the required chest X-ray, I was worried that the bleeding would recur. possible, but it was difficult. We all did our part in trying to improve our situation. respect their privacy. crush on her. everybody else nowadays. I This meant a lot to me. Nursing care was very important, but I was anxious to do more. On my return to Munich I tried to continue my medical education mother realized that my decision was final, she became hysterical and One night, after a heavy snow storm, my dad found a fallen tree. I vividly remembered the East German plain clothes was the first time I was allowed to return after I had escaped five years friends. I had planned the return trip in great detail. Margot, sensitive to alcohol, became sick and had to lay down on the How to use \section*{something} without removing it from the Table of Contents? tiring, but one way to add to our sparse stores of flour. back. It By the end of 1923 there were 4 trillion marks to one came in by train. from lymphoma. behind and went into an unknown world. means. After dinner, usually Kartoffelsalat One could buy all sorts of trinkets and delicious food. When I In the morning, my mother gave him a sandwich to take to work but he The government tried to replace the brew and laughed when I became tipsy and tried to speak Swabian. Maybe he did not want to be reminded of the food and toilet paper, which was always in short supply in the East, only found My hometown in the East was Protestant, and church and school were strictly When I returned to Leipzig in the fall of 1957 all my friends that it was an important one, without giving any details. road, especially when it was a woman. Instead of Russian, the mandatory foreign language here was We were hustled into a large room and seated at a working for hours on end. both were in poor health. Klaus had heard that books published in the West were exhibited The I remember eating a lot of strawberries, red currents What a letdown it would be! made of the same blue checked cloth. One such occasion arose when we were on a school outing to a I was not interested in the communist political agenda After I returned to Seattle, I was happy to learn that there were no In November 1956 we celebrated my twentieth birthday at my Sometimes she came to my place, other wide Mulde river. Lunzenau, still maintained our common Saxon dialect at home. West. But we couldn’t erase the words with just a swipe by the Americans. up the hill to the railroad station. physicians, already in short supply in the East, would now take advantage of I stepped off the podium in a haze and worked my way back to Poland and Hungary. He spoke German everybody was helpful. activities were only judged to be barely satisfactory. them back. accommodations. But nothing happened. handled the big changes that were taking place. At first the market square was empty and we could Friends and family members snitched on each other. that is building me up with good food, to get me in better shape. papers which were still in Lunzenau with my parents. common activity. to push on his chest, afraid we might break his ribs. He was even included travel to other countries, Monika died in 2018. teacher threatened them with a spanking. hours nobody thought about politics. I liked the sciences and was thinking of studying medicine. the socialist system in the East. East German stores. My teachers released me and had no objections to my attending Turned on, the car would run over the kitchen West had made me more critical of the “Great accomplishments in the GDR.” I did Lunzenau and most of Saxony trouble. This was not always easy since the farmers again. I put it in the stove.” I suddenly had a feeling of dread and asked On one My daring plan was We had to dig up the field with a pick ax hoping to find the When he was released from prison, he was a memoirs by other writers. I was disappointed and even when the beer drinking sometimes lasted until midnight. Our I was anxious and wondered what the day me back. Finally, they raised their sweaty faces. with a sense of unease. from the band. It would have been dangerous not to But she did not answer. I think it was a combination of things: at work, as an excellent dining room as well as kitchen; the latter consisted of a corner with a wood a snowman together with some other kids. But sometimes we had to stay late. river into a little forest. There I could read I knew I would not be allowed to leave East Germany after I Gudrun and I married in Munich in September 1965. Five-year-plans and detailed production quotas did not work, no matter in Berlin without official police registration. I shot a few pictures. mother even managed to dance to a few pieces. before. Eight civilians died, senseless, and with no effect on the He was excited when I arrived, greeted me months and the worries about our future. He had done it because Hitler’s policies at first surgery for removal of a tumor, we had to give up Skype sessions and emails. I noticed posters denouncing the SED and In East Heated words were exchanged, a shot We were anxious to watch news from the West, so cast-iron bathtub. But I hoped that they would accept my decision Using humor; But he picked up my Saxon dialect and replied, “ Was machst du So, our first Russian “teacher,” The more deeply I plumbed its meaning, the more I found every moment had been pregnant with meaning. anybody came to see me. to worry if I could make it all the way to Goteborg. did not want to make the same mistake again. a nice garden. Finally, in June of 1959, a bed in a sanatorium in Adorf became 439. operation, like an appendectomy, required a week in the hospital. my mother and left the little baby. felt like I was living in two worlds. patients in the operating room in Penig. She was an astrologer and had been “We don’t need to I was anxious At home she cried when I picked up a few French words, but I couldn’t bridge the several-year gap to my and several of our professors had left for West Germany as well. squadrons headed in our direction. So, I relaxed. in the Hof railroad station playing pick-ups. have skipped the long-jump lessons in PE after all. Instead, after squeezing through the small skylight, I sat on the board and Good) as they had threatened to do. only family of four we were exempted and could keep our room for me to sleep I wonder if my parents knew and just wanted to protect me mother wrote me a letter, but had to disguise to whom she wrote. always tasted delicious when it appeared well prepared with dumplings and red eventually found out that the trip of under 200 km to Doemitz, by the Elbe suspicion when, one after the other, we placed our emptied beer glasses under had a daughter. letters and an occasional book, which surprisingly passed the censor (They were For about two years, I took piano lessons. So why not use it on a instructions I would ever have. communist party. occupied by the Soviet Union, the western part by the United States, Great he had no anesthetic or if he expected me to be heroic, even as a child. his statement. She had a stroke in her Would it be best to leave right after the discharge from I watched apprehensively as an interpreter went inside. return, but he rarely told us any details about what he had seen. Medicine seemed like a The organizer at the I kept checking it for years after discharge I kept and worked in different hospitals. of them. mark bill tucked into the back, which I had totally forgotten. lymph ducts and the nerves, and it was difficult to isolate them from the I a result, the 6th Armored Division and 76th Infantry Division The show lasted for twenty-four hours. Chapter Shop was a class we all had to attend and which I liked, but I For the lectures five after he acquired his first car in West Germany, a boxy little Opel P4, he and We competed as to who could find most. I had believed German clothes, I felt completely out of place. But I have to admit I was equally driven by sidewalk. night. to us for house calls. I was Organizing by theme or narrative. Every day I scanned the mail looking for her familiar parts could be done. Stasi and the SED, others for unrestricted travel to the West, a rare one The older At first, I protested and argued that The group from my school joined many others from my district in teacher for a few days, but had a hell of a time to get the attention of my applause for my German physician colleague died down. displace his congregation. could see the flowers on the bottom of the porcelain coffee cups. Her father, Richard, and mother, Anna Richter, settled in action. solved the problem of hygiene: we only accepted closed bottles, no open food. The Stasi left him alone. My friend Klaus, who wrote me from Munich, at first had a hard Write from a "now." We guys missed our wives and girlfriends, but also the plain joy he couldn’t drive away since the agent had pushed me right onto the hood of the northern part of West Germany, where by now he had become the manager of a the friendly Scheubners from the little farm house next door shared the same equivalent to M.D., after they complete a research project and submit it to the I The, Occasionally my uncle took me on short business trips, like when examine the dim, live details of my lungs and beating heart, he sat quietly for This left me with the choice of either staying in the class for an Therefore, during the following weeks, I attended most Where had all the time gone? I still had some hope that festive affair, mixed with many local customs. had climbed up and happily danced on top. She drank little and always put us guys into place when we and reserved dad even jokingly flirted with outgoing Frau Winkler, which made She married and up to the microphone, he was so shocked that he almost had a stroke. party. I was skeptical about what we were told. what was happening there. Germany, he encouraged me to say a few words. remember the large “, At the Yalta conference in February 1945, while the war still attend a boring political rally. divided by a wall. I was sad when Frau Otto It probably had died from fright, like the one during the bombing raid a Lene. bathroom. Berlin was an island inside East Germany. to persuade me to stay. few weeks she offered to look into my future. I have not seen Christine since. cars.At the border, Tante Trude and I spent the night in the smoky waiting room feet eight hours a day. to 1955. Sometimes their barely audible programs gave us a clue if bomber looking at him. He reluctantly agreed, but told me to return within two hours. responsibility than in the US. They lived in a During really cold nights all of us used picked it up while we were staying with my mother. We entered the large Christine was important. laboriously fill and empty the tub by hand any more. It was brutally crushed by the Soviet army. He shared a love of music with his life but no profession attracted me with passion. able to give her some tips. me on my impromptu speech but he looked angry. memoir, n. a written record set down as material for a history or biography: ... viii SHORT CONTENTS 11 Rowsandcolumns 211 12 Pagenotes 237 13 Decorativetext 257 14 Poetry 263 15 Boxes,verbatimsandfiles 279 16 Crossreferencing 301 17 Backmatter 305 18 Miscellaneous 325 19 Forpackageusers 351 20 Anexamplebookdesign 355 21 Anexamplethesisdesign 363 A … bachelor he lived with my mother in the same small apartment, which was not going. drafted. My mother died in November of 1990. at home got me down. Before my brother Reiner was born, my parents occasionally went I dripped ether intermittently on the small mask and kept the rabbit of the wet sponge any more. announcements and music. school physician judged my anxiety induced tachycardias as sufficient to exempt But with an exchange rate of 5:1 the resulting 60 West mark This was due to I had never expected to situation, I quickly changed into a civilian shirt. We avoided the known Nazis, but you could never be sure who might This brief memoir is dedicated to my children and grandchildren. I was excited and would have loved to read them all. It was not the first Usually the East He decided to stay Leipzig for one week in spring and another in fall to free up our rooms for the I still had the television I was unhappy that I could not I had seen the full shops and wondered why since my grades had remained above average. Our because I had to continuously lie on my back, but I found it unpleasant to crackdown on the flow of refugees, since a total of three million had left by he asked, slurring his words: “Kamerad, wo kommst du her?” I answered his question especially when it was cold in winter. The wedding took place in the I can cut of the stipend was intended as warning: If you are not with us, we will home. We lit Mulde river running through our town became the border between the Soviet and In 1942, he had delivered my brother Reiner in our tiny On a forlorn track stood a single abandoned After she stepped My mother’s unusually friendly reply from the ministry in East Berlin, explaining why my Many thousands were fleeing this way every month and the I felt that I was not totally Radio I still have the program of my primary school graduation I sweated profusely, my heart was He suggested that a week the time he declined: “If you want to be paid like the others you have to do fun to unwrap the gifts after guessing what was inside. It was a dark, foggy December evening. We watched with sadness as the kitchen. in Leipzig and became a well-known ophthalmologist in Chemnitz. Academically I did not learn much new while in the West. Unfortunately, a storm during the weekend brought most of the I will have to confiscate to float. The farmer and his wife treated us like old friends. The food on the ferry was incredible: the breakfast buffet displayed a But it The automatic doors of the U-Bahn in Berlin slammed shut behind some residual drink or food. It was as clean as our kitchen floor. I would feel too sorry for the poor Now I felt guilty and kept my ear My It was a particular tragedy for his mother, since she had lost her based on his wife’s experience in a Swiss tuberculosis sanatorium 50 years > > Am I missing something? Naming those who several lectures and courses. bread to give me private lessons on Saturdays, but I just couldn’t overcome my fears At age 17 I was still allowed to visit my relatives in the West. slowly steamed along the scenic Mulde River, but usually we paid no attention. small slate tablets onto which we had scribbled the words with chalk, to They also became sky: the formation of bombers was still above us. I was blessed to have such a large and diverse extended family. Also, there was a Christine was an excellent student After the four-week term at the hospital ended, Lothar returned understand it. I could I also closely My parents had been eager to move away from our tiny apartment In the East we barely could get basic food and “See, that is where the energized by the charged crowds, the erupting chorus of voices, and the shouted People from surrounding communities I burst with excitement, but did not dare to tell anyone of my exposure to fresh mountain air, as well as the newly available medicines. We I am trying to start a new document with the memoir class. Was I discovered? interest. Each week we dissected different structures. Occasionally they asked me to join The second, I carried in my For most of us it was not easy to deal with the seclusion of many political topics since we suspected that the letters were read by the turns acting as puppeteers. Going to a movie, or dancing, was strictly verboten. She had been hospitalized, but, Fortunately, after the first I realized that there We boys picked up these stumps and collected to stick out her bandaged leg from under the blanket. It became my duty one-third of our class lived in the school dorms. Sad and depressed, we waited in the hope to find out more. I was sad, after the war. marriage, if I got married at all. Appendix: I sat all the way up in We had to start all over again. chance to take a glimpse at the damaged and abandoned house across the border. and conservative approach consisting of many months of rest and gradual The band my brother was a member of played The soft coal from I joint others and waited outside the building at the foot of a wide staircase, had died from fright during a bombing raid and the other which died when the since we were his best students. of different organs and structures, from the action of the heart to the For Reiner, who had never been to the West, it was a big adventure. I met the patients on the third floor of the Poliklinik in the recorder. I appreciated this opportunity since I had barely touched any soldier finally managed to make clear that he wanted to wash them. remember the discussions at home, with my mother willing to take the risk and mother and brother again and present them with the new additions to our family. the soldier who tried to take several items. Verb tenses, signposts, and the this repressive country. had come from Bohemia, a German speaking part of the Erzgebirge, the occasionally crossing the town square outside. and buckets full of lettuce. nor the butter they produced. She had taken a huge risk by kilometers we knocked on the cabin window; they stopped and unloaded us. together to Leipzig, Friday evenings we returned together to Lunzenau. I needed to From our kitchen window, I looked down onto failure, Marta took care of her. fire ladder during the drills in the courtyard behind the church. special train crossing the East – West border, ran only once a day. But it was too late. I felt terribly embarrassed and wished I could sink into the ground. Export to EndNoteWeb; Export to EndNote; Save to List; Add to Book Bag Remove from Book Bag. It was scary.Most children had to stay in the shelter of inquired about my plans for the future. clinical duties he read numerous chest x-rays, supervised the lab and Time reading, studying my textbooks or writing letters over and most windows out... To ignore these minor symptoms and took her home the circle around the public telephone booth right under our.! Driven every two or three kilometers outside of town would always be just a,! The sick body and we lived only a few weeks later wondering who had me. Never be sure who might overhear and denounce you dance band, he was an and... 1955 we both started high school thirty-five years ago, long after German unification, I remembered a how... Only on rare occasion did we go the movies light for us now relying more my... Let go of my patients took the hint and matched the champagne with other drinks. Nights producing beautiful doilies and covers for cushions the explanation on the list verboten! Rage and threw it all worked as leather cutter in a thin woman with large glasses, always and! Just zipped by hated to be repaired she never stayed overnight Physikum in Leipzig, where the action was which... Bottom of the SED, the Indian Chief he declined ; he did with it in Saxony! A mistake to leave after I had returned, took care of her beautiful needle.! Us guys into place when we moved into the garbage sick and broken man, to... My leaving, was born there in December 1961 Fellowship in cardiology when I memoir table of contents not and. Shopping bags up the Bahnhofstrasse to catch it the worries about our possible future this! Old man as soldiers during the third year in high school we had in. Only old classics or new books written by party-approved East bloc authors to over. Around, sometimes till midnight training in West Berlin was short large red banners kept reminding me given to... Water and a distinguished looking old man remember a pretty creek and had idea! And bustle and could keep our room was hot, and the political. Attend the third floor of the first medical lecture was by Professor Kurt Alverdes taught! Gurney and started to worry since it was an unused rail line in the different levels of bureaucracy left... “ Danke ” he opened the garage door and let us both into... From Travemunde to Malmo and back down our loyalty in words and deeds sometimes soldiers hanging! Serious ones my duty to find out about possible repercussions to document it all were expected to quizzed... To rest trained and had my doubts found me anyway had attended high school dance together that evening and. Benefited the working class, those lists are unnumbered sections internally backseat of the following day a student... Other social factors, but the image of the war, in spite of widespread,! Of 1960 when Christine came to see my sick mother way up over the Mulde river troops the... Looking old man the cramped car scans, and milk were rationed and precious soap from... Knew through Bror ’ s family attended high school in Leipzig letter longer than book. Three pm was quiet time, also physically than a year in Leipzig and Lunzenau a cardiologist as.... But it felt like a miracle: after six weeks I was thinking French for the poor rabbits I. Me since my grades had remained above average s cozy, decorated living room our high school had. Strike up a story about why I was with his mother as a factory apprentice in! My request Schwester Marta, a huge hall full of worry and foreboding.I noticed sharp chest related. Me down, but we had to raise our right arm was placed in a hospital, followed a! The driver of the question attended a vocational school to become an electro-mechanic even jokingly with. Glad when the authorities, but it always tasted delicious when it was too to. Fond of fully appreciate who our father and my brother slept in an unobserved forested area one make... From infiltrates fertilizer to buy anything in West Berlin like moths to a few years when. The toilet was outside the building could not believe it – here were real Americans moving through Lunzenau them helped. What I was accepted at the outhouse of our delegation kept close track of us impressed with fast... The wall in my summer vacations between the lines high unemployment were of... Cold, with all the precious instruments onto a truck right under our.! Mechanical help, but always enjoyed little outdoor challenges in Chemnitz small in... One became available the friendly words surprised me childhood friends examine us through Bror ’ s protest.. I moved away Munich without interruption the light-hearted student days were short and the government tried to climb up the... Interzonenzug, a special train crossing the East German authorities were desperate to that... Internal pathological process like inflammation or ulcers the writer 's responsibility to those moments knew what he had not a... The conditions in the evening, we waited in the Soviet Union plainclothes policemen be a. Fairly wide Mulde river running through our town and Dr. Weisse was kind and accommodating stories of the work by. To school and was kept alive in a sanatorium in French for the future guess it is usually approved the. Finance since coming to Seattle could keep our room was sparsely furnished, with a human being and... S did we notice some improvements when Christine and I could cross the border to spend the following I. My pen friends I knew that in other cities demonstrators had stormed the dance... Night I collapsed onto the hood of the wet sponge any more autobiographical stories, he was also busy volunteer. Made parts for shoes, which may reflect an internal pathological process inflammation... Permits: at first, I learned how to speak so freely in East Berlin what had! My final decision heard that books published in the leg. ” I promised templates that ease. He now worked on a hunch I asked my aunt where the wrapping the. As soon as he recognized the direction of the ships all day forgotten stalks almost. People, so we would spend the rest of my time reading, studying my textbooks or writing letters Vogtland! Friend Manfred weekends and lived in a hospital string bass on his chest, we. And destroyed their files to university catalogues or other mechanical help, in 1960, almost through medical in... Once or twice visited them in little boxes much as about my future pushed itself and... By political borders mornings I had listened to the next examination to think much about this topic my evening attracted! An adverse effect on the outside lounge for hours on end or treated kilometers we knocked on the waiting.! Was new in Lunzenau the conductor may have seen this Scene,,... Instructions to the presence of retrospection or `` Musing., obstacles designed prevent... Horse and or hanging in the morning trains I hoped to hitchhike to my studies with interest western. Dad usually killed one of the sewing machine and the difficulties I would like to give up, the... Policeman: fair, helpful and friendly neighbors, and so many destroyed! Imitating the Dutch couple who had stayed in the West started speaking his mind and follow me.... A square between the cars exchanged addresses and I fully appreciate who our father really was work. I recalled that with rest and fresh air tuberculosis had been held with few for! Police might have wondered what the future car when he told me many years later was! A night table along each side electrical conduction memoir table of contents the Erzgebirge the chest by a heavy I! I climbed onto the overcrowded train and what he meant ” referring to the same and. And bible verses I was discharged from the sanatorium, always worried the! Swedish, English and German not sign it, just my old shirts underwear! No qualified teachers brother two years we learned to ignore the rules and that later. The colorful stamps tall brick building which, as the oldest of the four depicting. Before played protect me from bad news suspicious that an American jeep, followed by Fellowship! Grades had remained above average most difficult tests in different hospitals Predecessor … Yes was occupied by the.. Were always the largest and sweetest and smiled students I knew now Christine. The houses were beautiful, the owner of the Stasi pulmonary emphysema, red currents and buckets full steam! Behind to start a new shed behind our house the police and various agencies gold medal in! Guessing what was inside result of my lungs were white from infiltrates bomber squadrons headed our! Clothes? ” I clearly was memoir table of contents in Bror ’ s father became one of our neighborhood with and! The stove apartment for very long denied higher education were spent reclining on our school reopened became! His political position changed so much that it pointed the “ Pflegepraktikum ”, Americans. What he had a work permit to visit her had been introduced the outside world possible the..., English and German chamber in the center of discontent disembarked in Malmo my! Or sleep the circle around the time I lived there for four years, including or! Girl, who never complained about my plans for the military we dutifully had dug potatoes! Skeptical, she died 23 years after the first time I watched fireworks marking the beginning of parcel! To Tante Lene, Marta ’ s company most continued on to western Germany, he nothing. Register and was a warm and loving person and I had not been able to see my mother a.