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Denis J Hickey (born July 7th, 1982) is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and investor from Cleveland, Ohio.  He is a co-founder, chairman, and President of Rindex Medical Inc.  He worked for his father’s firm, while attending Oregon State University school of Economics.  He has been working in management, contracts, purchasing, logistics, and supply chain in various roles for the last ten years. Companies Denis Hickey is associated with:


Rindex Medical
President, Chairman, Co-founder

Coast 2 Coast Logistics
CEO, Chairman, Co-founder

Freight Rate
CEO, Chairman, Co-founder

Resiliency, Focus, Invest for the long-term, Find and manage people, Sell, Learn Self-reflection, Self-reliance, Communication, Strategy, Finance, & Ms Office Denis...
Since 2005 – I’ve worked in management, contracts, purchasing, logistics, and supply chain. I now run and own three business:
2001 to 2005 - I started at OSU in the collage of Business for 2 years and then transferred to the college of Economics to study Managerial Economics for 2 years.
I like cooking traditional food with my family, exercise including long runs, and a good game of Poker. I have a passion for Aviation, Sailing, and scuba Diving. I can't stop listening to music...
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Rindex Medical, Inc. is arrhymia prediction technology. …Denis Hickey has served
On Rindex’s Board of Directors since June 2011. He has been working in…