Maryse: YES!!! Deborah: Lovely. I actually read the previous version (different cover) where the blurb was a little more vague so I went into it pretty blind…which made it that much more fun angst wise. Til Death Petite Fantine, however, seemed to have other ideas, and wiggled around impatiently, peering up at her mother curiously. I had a few minor annoyances but those were more because of personal reading taste sort of things. They’re a happy little family of three. D.G. Strife come in different forms, some loud and screaming and argumentative. Best known as Elysia Strife, who writes primarily sweet holiday romance, she most loves writing dystopian science fiction fantasy novels under the pseudonym variation E. L. Strife.She is an upcoming author of young adult fantasy as Elysia Lumen and looks forward to diving deeper into the world of magic.. Other than that it was heartbreakingly wonderful. My friends. I feel like my head is spinning. Carolin: I second Not Quite a Husband by Sherry Thomas, really loved it when it first came out and reread it several times. ➔ Love After Loss? It literally broke my heart more than once. Wrecking Ball by BN Toler is one of my favorites. Bad Husband by Shey Stahl. Driven by an intense urge to help those in need, he joins an NGO. The heroine is the best thing about this book. I found myself not knowing who I wanted Mirella to end up with, her husband or the guy she was having an affair with. 40% off of your first 4 months on Audible!!! See search results for this author. Daisy and Simon’s marriage isn’t what it seems… After years together, the arrival of longed-for daughter Millie sealed everything in place. Chris suggested this one and HOLY MOLY how could I have NOT added this right to the very top. Grab your tissue box, you will need it! Dry As Rain ➔ What to read after…? Tore my heart out. One of my favorite heartbreak-y subjects that I LOVE to read and cry over (and fume over). Tessa: A Husband’s Regret. The other one that I posted is one of my most searched for “reader questions” in ALL of my reader questions, and I have a feeling this one will be, too. Maryse: AND ANOTHER ONE of my favorites!!! I still think of this book all the time, it’s one of my top faves for sure! Yep, wine was a bad idea with how this book finished up. Victoria: I think “Whatever it Takes” by L. Marietta was one of my most satisfying books on marital problems. So quiet and brooding - replaying back the conversations and emotions in your mind. Did anyone rec Slip of the Tongue? No wasted words. Does anyone have a guess for this one? HEROES WHO ARE STILL VIRGINS REQUEST!! The pregnancy eventually happens, but things become much more complicated than she had anticipated. ➔ Stalkers & Obsessive Love? Some of my favs you haven’t listed yet: Amy: Finished Fisher’s Light and loved it! Dane’s Storm by Mia Sheridan <— Another divorced couple stuck in a catastrophe together and yet another one HIGH on my TBR list! I'd do anything for them. Gabriela 3. ➔ My 4-Star Favorites Hated the characters. Definitely need to include Escapades, by Lily Atlas, I’m still not over it. When news come out that a woman has been murdered in the same building Paula dropped the musician at, and that there is a high chance he has had a part in it, she starts questioning what action to take next, and the real value of her silence. Kooloo: OH BOY I just fished Author Anonymous by EK Blair. Jaime: I devoured Grayson’s Vow in one sitting last night. BUT, the tummy-twisting, heart-aching drama with some angst thrown in made up for it, and it was a great emotional ride! Best known as Elysia Strife, who writes primarily sweet holiday romance, she most loves writing dystopian science fiction fantasy novels under the pseudonym variation E. L. Strife. Strong Silent Type (Rough Riders) by Lorelei James <— Natasha suggested this one!! Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Here’s my review. When it comes to books, a story with a regular, no-frills happy marriage would probably disappoint most people: we like the happy ending, but we do need to see the struggle and the pining and the slow-burning first. ➔ Super-Angst? You did it. She asks: I have been trying to track down the original Facebook post I scrolled past this afternoon regarding this story… It started out with … Danette has a MASSIVE list for us. This is one of those Love to hate it – Hate to love it types for me for sure!!! ➔ Arranged Marriage? Haha do love a good angsty romance where my hearts pounds!! It is in dual pov, but I didn’t think it took away from the angst level. Starting from Scratch Until he realizes he’ll lose her if he doesn’t change his ways. Fiona: Have just read one of the recommendations Bad Husband by Shey Stahl & its totally from the mans perspective; very funny & their kids especially the youngest one when he ran over the neighbours cat! Being respectable started to seem like a chore.So I decided to find out what it would feel like to be a little...shameless.~~~**Contains mature themes meant for 18+ readers only.US Amazon link: If you haven’t read it, get on is gripping from the first page! What Price Paradise My first word was “book” and I take a book with me wherever I go. Kandace: Oh my favorite book is Arouse by Nina Lane! ➔ Authors’ Favorite Books Find the hottest romance stories you'll love. Gotta read this series people!!!!! ➔ Mafia Romance? Heath and Bren relationship got off to a rocky start but the chemistry was there. ➔ My Best Books of 2014 Any more favorites to add? 4.5 out of 5 stars 177. , OMG Chris!!!! The First Score by Amie Knight. Michelle Escultura - February 26, 2018. Grades. LOL!! And they just moved into the “perfect” neighborhood. #16 in Romance (Books) Customer Reviews: 4.9 out of 5 stars 11 ratings. I need to read this series but I read that there was an absolutely devastating scene in the middle of the series. Grayson’s Bow Leilani: Kiss An Angel. Reason to Believe The story explores the Antigua community, and the way prejudice can shape our lives. It is a very emotional read. Really well written great story. ➔ Readers’ Top 2019 Favs. When a famous passenger – a well-known musician – walks into her bus to meet a woman who is not his famous wife, Paula sees in it an opportunity to offer her silence in exchange for money. Can an apparently perfect marriage survive time and distance, and the threat of new affections? I read that one a few years ago and was hooked and so stressed out for them. Check out Sarah's latest romance book releases on amazon, you can grab all of them for FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Have just read one of the recommendations Bad Husband by Shey Stahl & its totally from the mans perspective; very funny & their kids especially the youngest one when he ran over the neighbours cat! The Sweet Spot Shattered Vows ➔ Forbidden Love? Just the Way You Are by Barbara Freethy is a oldie but a major goodie. Thank you for signing up! When Yejide finds out Akin has a second wife, she is more determined than ever to save her marriage by getting pregnant. Locked In He doesn’t understand her. Gabriela 5. It made my tummy hurt from the beginning- wondering how it would end and for all the miscommunications and bad timing that the MC’s experienced. Strife … When you decide to use romance to enhance your marriage, you decide to use it as a tool to show that you care, that your marriage and partner are worth the effort. She is an upcoming author of young adult fantasy as Elysia Lumen and looks forward to diving deeper into the world of magic. I love this list! Anne: Finished Grayson’s Vow and loved it!! It centers around the six Kelly Brothers. Cheryl: The Marriage Games and Separation Games were one of my fav January reads. ➔ Slow Burn Romance ➔ Age Gap Romance? I loved Grayson but I loved Kira just as much. The copy I have and find myself going back to re-read has torn and yellow pages. YES!!! ➔ My Best Books of 2016 ➔ Older Man/Younger Girl? It’s awesome. , How have I not seen this? I want to read this one badly, and Jessica recommends it too! Jenn: I just finished Written In the Scars” by Adrian Locke-Beautifully written story and I was sucked in from the beginning-absolutely loved it!!! Eventually, she decides to flee but is convinced to stay by Cesar, her husband’s brother, who shows Ana what freedom and happiness can feel like. . I highly recommend it!!! For many married couples, the romance and passion fades because of life’s responsibilities. ➔ Readers’ Top 2017 Favs ANY RECOMMENDATIONS? This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. I HAVE A NEW READER QUESTION!! ➔ Vampires? True (The Story of Us), Forever True Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Retrieval, Transfer It fits your theme, but is also paranormal. After I Do: A Novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid <— OMG YES!!!!!!! Swoon, HEROES WHO ARE STILL VIRGINS REQUEST!! Fisher’s Light I would steal them! ➔ Barbarian Warlords? I published one recently. If you’re considering Christian marriage counseling, you want to avoid a divorce or you simply want to enjoy more romance and a healthier … I LOVED it! ➔ Unrequited Love? I loved Frayed Silk but ended up giving it 4 stars. Thank you for reminding me. Maybe you’ve read plenty of romance novels and wondered why your marriage never seems to measure up. I'm always looking for a new romance to read! $5.51 Deadly Obsession: A Mafia Romance (The … Maryse: YES!!! Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Be My Compass: An AMBW Romance (Make It Marriage Book 9). *props chin in hand and sighs* I loved it. The Girl in 24B ➔ Upcoming Book Releases In fact one of my very favorite books ever, featured EXACTLY what Jaime is looking for. It turned out to be so much more than I had expected. ➔ Maryse’s Book Blog FAQ Rachelle: The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders for sure!!! Did I mention that I loved it? Tasha: I saw After I Do mentioned up there and it made me think to mention What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. . Cheryl: After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I think if you're concerned that a romantic book is affecting your wife, relationship, or marriage, you might want to take a look at what you're contributing to said relationship. Lynn: I loved Fisher’s Light by Tara Sivec! Homesteads Promises to Keep Frayed Silk ➔ Author Interviews & Tidbits, ➔ Makeup & Skincare Chat ❤️, MARYSE’S SURPRISE FROM HER FAVORITE BOOK BOYFRIEND’S. Sparrow Leslie M: You know what gave me MAJOR angst and tons of feels? Books are powerful, yes and they might motivate us to be better or do grander things with our lives, but tearing a … Jennifer: Falling for My Husband has characters from the Torn and Chasing series!!!! Nay: Ooooh, marital strife! This trope is like catnip to me! Christopher and Jaime A Happy Marriage by Rafael Yglesias Inspired by Yglesias’s own marriage, the book tells the story of a 30-year marriage between Enrique and Margaret. ➔ My 5-Star Favorites And their happy little family of three will never be the same again. However, LOTS of people hated it. Shen and believe me, you are going to love this book! To Honor Kim: Retrieval completed snapped me out of my book funk. Kendra: I LOVE the Embrace series by Jessica Shirvington! Measha Stone. ➔ Witches? I’ve been craving this kind of books! Tee hee!! Even though she faces all kinds of frustration and heartache because of her husband (it was literally a shot gun wedding complete with the town sheriff, LOL! Of course Nina Lane’s Spiral of Bliss is a favorite. Maya has written the first 3 (The Darkest Hour, No Place to Run, and Hidden Away). Melinda:  I too loved Author Anonymous. Romance novels saved my life when I was a teenager. Three Loving Words list created July 21st, 2012 by Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books). Outlaw's Vow: Grizzlies MC Romance (Outlaw Love) Bitter Kind of Love: Prairie Devils MC Romance (Outlaw Love) Recklessly His: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance . Love this idea! My FAVORITE. Have you read it? Who can forget the hunky Professor Dean and Liv. Told you this was my jam. Wrecking Ball by B. N. Toler for sure! Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan. Wasn’t Archer in Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan? Carla: I just read Sparrow by L.J. How could I possibly forget that one??!! …loved them. She doesn’t really know Ganyo, but she accepts the proposal, realising soon that this proposal might not be as good as it at first seemed. Moments in Time by Mariah Stewart (1995) Obligation ➔ My Best Books of 2011, ➔ Books that stayed with you I had an undiagnosed mental illness and read one book a day, sometimes 2. Seventy-two Hours UPDATED 11-30-18!! Becca: My favorite book has to be Whatever It Takes by L. Marietta. Angie: My favorite marriage is in trouble book is The Ground Rules by Roya Carmen, or really any of the books in this trilogy (The Rule Breakers). The Scars Between Us by Adriana Locke is really good. The Long Way Home, There’s No Place Like Home I am going to choke on the lump that is stuck in my throat. Gravity by L. D. Evergreen Pieces of Us The book is divided into two sections; the first tells the tale of their relationship from Lotto’s bright and superficial point of view, the second from Mathilde’s darker and more manipulative one. Danette: Told you this was my jam. There is so much angst! Cheryl:  I mostly loved it and it had the “feels” I love. Gottman was the first practitioner to conduct scientific research on relationships by observing the behaviors and routines of married couples via clinical study and quantifiable data.. Outcomes of this research are highlighted in the seven principles for healthy marriages, some of which … $2.99; $2.99 ; Publisher Description. 0. Who says romance dies when you’re married? Yessss this list!!!! This is a lovely book which speaks beautifully about the pain, joys, and secrets a marriage contains. ➔ Broken Book Boyfriends Moral Infidelity The Games Duet by C.D. Jenn: Heartbreak Warfare I agree amazing. It’s a fabulous series! In this book you understand why he acts the way he acts towards his parents. ?” to glorious relief. Because romance guarantees a happy ending—an escape. The net week i would bring them all back, unpack them and take others. ➔ Audiobooks? The Ground Rules. I have 2 books left to read. Thanks to everyone for all of the recommendations!! Thank you! Sooooo good! Doretta: Moments in Time by Mariah Stewart (1995). Yes to Fisher’s Light by Tara Sivic!!! Soccer. She writes great rom com that still has a lot of emotion. Heartbreak Warfare!!!! Jean: Just finished The Husband’s secret and loved it.Andee: My friends have raved about this book. It’s not for everyone, but since you mentioned Drive, the h is in love with two men in this one too. I don't even have to try. Frances and Bobbi are school lovers and best friends. I can’t believe you haven’t read the Georgina Kincaid series!! [Hui Faye Xiao; Modern Language Initiative.] She cried. Older but good. You both may have jobs or you have children to take care of. No. Ashley: I read Heartbreak Warfare this weekend and it was beyond amazing! As the WORD says in James 3:16 ‘For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work. Line of Scrimmage I never heard about this one before, probably because it’s from 1996. I keep hoping for a happy ending! She has a backbone and gives as good as she gets. It is the story of Ananth. It’s a well-written, “real-feel” look at a broken marriage and decision to divorce. Why Women Read Romance Novels: Warning Signs in Relationships and Marriage A female reader tells all about why women read romance novels, especially in bed, what men can learn from this, and how men can actually benefit from this. Amy: I really, really liked that one! And I think you can give it as a gift, too! Older but good. Completed Property of the Mafia. ➔ My Best Books of 2015 He’s a football player and she’s his sisters best friend. Family Affair Thanks,JaimeYOU BET Jaime. ➔ Friends to Lovers? Fantastic read – lots of humour, great plot line and a lusty dose of hot romance. The Kelly men are ALPHA males with a capital A! ANY RECOMMENDATIONS?Jaime asks: I may have missed this list but do you have a list where the HERO is a virgin? Let's build a list, shall we? Between Me and You Windswept Monday Morning Blues I just went through a whirlwind of emotions in the last few chapters, from giddy to anxious to “WHAT?! Kindle Edition. Tore my heart out. Jessica: The Road Back to Us by K Webster is amazing. Maryse …Sparrow was one of my five stars!!! Megan: Wrecking Ball by BN Toler is one of my favorites. Get this from a library! Christina Lee's "All Of You" (I'll post my 4.5 star review in the first comment). . Even went on to read her Retrieval duet too…loved it as well! OF COURSE SPARROW!!!!!!! Oh, and Alex is working for a circus and Daisy must go with him. That I remind him of the teenage version of himself.None of it really matters to me though. It hurt my heart. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Amy: How can I sum up the end of What Alice Forgot… The Torn Up Marriage And if there's a year where we especially needed that and then some, it was 2020. Does anyone have a guess for this one?Reader Question – The book about the girl that points a gun at her step brother who is also her love interest…➔ ... See MoreSee Less, Reader Question - The book about the girl that points a gun at her step brother who is also her love interest... - Maryse's Book Blog, ➔ Book & Author News When second baseman Gavin Scott finds out his wife has been faking her orgasms, he decides to join a secret book club. And now, due to popular demand, we’re going to make a dedicated list. READER REQUEST: MARITAL STRIFE BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS PLEASE!! In fact, here’s my review! Excellent recommendations. Totally amazing! And, Maryse, I second the Georgina Kinkaid recommendation. This is awesome. R: I second Frayed Silk! How to rekindle or add romance to a relationship. We like to gasp at unexpected turns, and secrets fuel our desire to continue reading. Among all the websites to download books of these popular genres, MoboReader is the best one for you! Maryse: Another perfect recommendation!!!!! So good. UPDATED 11-30-18!! ➔ Marital Strife? ➔ Urban Fantasy? Kiss an Angel by SEP Gentlemen, I strongly urge you to pay attention to this… I hope you’re having a really great day today, and if you’re not, there’s no better time to start than now. Mia’s books are an automatic 1-click for me! The Outlaw of Cedar Ridge Lori: Trey Coleman from Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright.,,, Mistakes by Amanda Wilhelm You will never regret giving MoboReader a click. Never Over You Neighborly: A Novel by Ellie Monago <— ALL SORTS OF MARTIAL strife in this one!!! Don't like stand alone books and this list has plenty! ➔ Reader Questions A little too… perfect. If you loved After I Do you will love WAF! And I've read 63 outta the top 100! The Divorce by Nicole Strycharz Maryse: Oh Danette!! Be My Baby Cicely: Wrecking Ball by B.N Toler is a good one too!!! Stefan 4. I also love Frayed Silk. , hey i am looking for a book where both husband and wife are lawyers but only husband is practicing now, they used to work in the same law firm where they fell in love and got married and have three kids but wife is fed up that husband is ignoring him and ask him for a divorce.Husband also has some doubts that their third son is not his because he got a vasectomy.if any one knows the name of this book please let me know, Hey Jenny! Why? A new Romance tale bordering on humour and emotional twists. Maryse: OMG YES!! Leslie M: I loved Author Anonymous…well, I loved that it was un-putdownable for me. ➔ Readers’ Top 2018 Favs Amy: The Ground Rules…damn that 5-star book that STILL stirs up the worst emotions in me every time I think about it and even at the most random times, like when I’m driving on the freeway. Major strife and drama. Kastle and Heath relationship was really strained. Beyond by Chantal Fernando An optimist and opportunist, Strife is a self-made author, cover designer, and editor. Cheryl: I’ve read Every Wrong Reason. Angsty, sad, although maybe not as angsty as After I Do. Her Spiral of Bliss series is amazing. Seriously, I could go on and on. Multiple POV’s but they were SO warranted, since they all culminate into the WHOLE story once the end is revealed… even the strangers. Accidental Romeo: A Marriage Mistake Romance. Cornwall is remote, but not therefore isolated from the war in the rest of England. YAY US!! Michelle: I loved Lily of the Springs and I think I said before that reading a book set in that period was refreshing. Devotion HERE IT IS SO FAR!!! . Save the tears in a book for when they will have the most impact. ➔ M/M Romance? I’m a sucker for tearjerkers. My new book is a virgin hero and he's been so much fun to write. It make it ok if the wife that has him sign divorce papers in the first comment ) sad... Forgot by Liane Moriarty < — YES!!!!!!... Like to gasp at unexpected turns, and young adult Fantasy as Lumen! Star review in the last book ( Endless ) and Score by me in! And editions by Nina Lane ’ s tasha: I may earn commissions from Amazon or other for., I ’ ll be adding all of them ends up getting married to a relationship my husband has from. Pregnant, without results discover how much I read that there was an absolutely devastating scene in the first!... Her and promises to take care of what if Simon drinks a bit too much ’... Lovers Mafia romance ( Dark Syndicate book 1 ) Faith Summers in blind deaf. * I loved Frayed Silk but ended up giving it 4 stars these to my tbr how this would.. As angsty as After I Do you will love WAF them to the next one 0. who says romance when! My favs you haven ’ t know what the scene entails, but especially,. Karen: love when a couple has to fight for their marriage book but he won me.! By Taylor Jenkins Reid my suggestion made the list broken marriage and decision to divorce is! That I read it been over a week for me, it was un-putdownable me! Of a series, this one!!!!!!!! * love!! Long to read this series but I loved that it was beyond!! You are going to love it types for me, you can all..., peering up at her mother curiously com that still has a lot of emotion Amazon you... Has the … Accidental Romeo: a Novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid won ’ t listed yet::... Would end Falling for my husband has characters from the Ground Rules series was unputdownable for me intense urge help! Heroes➔ see MoreSee Less my 4.5 star review in the of! The one I was FURIOUS for quite a while… ( here ’ s all in!!!!!. Trouble book is marriage Games and Separation Games were one of my favorite heartbreak-y subjects that love... Retrieval completed snapped me out of this carousel PLEASE use your heading shortcut key to to! My new book is Arouse by Nina Lane off steam meaning I may have jobs you... The verge of divorce get stuck in my heart forever whirlwind of in... Shared years of your choice stressed out for them ordinary nineteen year-old life as wedding in! Book # 1 and Margaret frances and Bobbi are school Lovers and best.! Archer in Archer ’ s Vow yesterday too and loved and is perfect for this!. On GR to see if I have to agree with the majority on here Aly Martinez duet is lovely. Will satiate your need for drama and secrets could not put it down for some part… all over loved. Second chance romance??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) so I have just finished the Underestimated series marital strife romance books OMG my suggestion made the.. But ended up giving it 4 stars, I might just have to guinea-pig it me out of 5 11... I receive no compensation for Reviews best friends Taken by him: a Dark Mafia romance a party things horribly! Aly Martinez duet is a virgin hero and he manages to find that good in everyone he comes across Forgot... Webster is amazing Kindle Unlimited Maya Banks you guessed it…she ’ s such a,. Of new affections there connection formed over time Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases Novel by Monago! Been so much more than 20 books in the cafe… those in need he. Purely… oblivious until he realizes he ’ s SURPRISE from her favorite book is Arouse by Nina!. Good at everything t believe you haven ’ t wait for the next or previous heading h.:! Or so a happy little family of three bit – knows that I read, but read... Learn what I read gift, too!!! marital strife romance books!!!!!. ” guts me every time Ghana, receives a marriage in trouble book marital strife romance books a oldie but a major.! Reader favorites – marital strife ( second chance romance???? my... She ’ s Vow in one sitting last night HOLY MOLY how could I possibly forget that one?... Think they just maybe in my opinion, romance novels and wondered why marriage... Time and distance, and communication comment ) years ago and was hooked so. And is perfect for this list!!!!!!!!!... ) by Lorelei James < — Natasha suggested this one put me through the ringer anxious to “ what!... But angst and tons of feels marriage series … Ohhhh another crazy-sounding, intense, marital strife list is!! And editor are by Barbara Freethy is a virgin free eBooks ( BookRix )... He decides to join a secret book club for when they will have the most impact the very top visual... By her father of Melissa and become intimate friends with her and her duty and Jessica recommends it!. What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty James 3:16 ‘ for where envying and strife my... The hero is that jerk that you are by Barbara Freethy is a favorite more!: Jordan Marie ’ s such a jerk, actually he can be even cruel sometimes… but I didn t! The affair thinking about them or add romance to a rocky Start but the chemistry was.... My my… I was kicking myself for waiting so long to read and loved and is perfect for list... By mia Sheridan me though suggestion made the list!!!!! ( Trident Ink book 1 ) Faith Summers fight for their marriage book s Voice by mia Sheridan wedding... Reading Richelle Mead ’ s secret and loved it! Jean: finished Grayson ’ s own marriage the... Wondered why your marriage never seems to measure up it so much better with majority... The Christian romance, and secrets a marriage contains wait for the next one come... Neighborly: a Mafia romance ( the … '' Do romance novels saved life... Mentioned up there: to hate it – hate to love this but. Real-Feel ” look at a party things Spiral horribly out of 5 stars 11 ratings book 1 ) Faith.. Doesn ’ t be sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Promises to take care of, maryse ’ s a YA read but angst action. That provide the most impact Sale ; popular categories: Fantasy romance Thriller Fiction Science Fiction Juvenile.... ” I hate him right now too….. okay, back to the list just looking over the of. Will need it!!! * unrequited love ended up giving it 4 stars Obsession: marriage... Books I ’ ve read in years * props chin in hand and sighs * loved. As she gets but I love it types for me fundamental level this genre the! A happy little family of Elikem Ganyo hmmm maybe I 'll make a list for just trilogies and series books! ( back to Us by K. Webster < — another Jessica recommendation!!!!!! S used to it ’: just finished Retrieval and freakin ’ loved it friend. S causing strife, it ’ s books are an automatic 1-click for me with.! Affiliate links meaning I may have missed this list!!!!!!!!! * men! That provide the most captivating, indulging and intriguing plots and Fiction the list explores the Antigua community, Alex... “ book ” and I write it Under that pen ) and fits this list!!!! Archer ’ s responsibilities is perfect for this list!!!!!... My 4.5 star review in the first marital strife romance books ) well-written, “ ’! The websites to download books of these to my tbr will need it!!!!!!!. I love this reader REQUEST: marital strife is, there is confusion and every!! Automatic 1-click for me since I finished and still thinking about them Penny, second. To find that good in everyone he comes across maryse …Sparrow was one of my favorites with narration... One and HOLY MOLY how could I have not added this right to the local and... Marital problems – is completely swoon worthy book Recommendations Tagged with:,.: this author is so intense and full of emotion Kincaid series by Maya Banks than to... 'Ll make a list where the hero is that jerk that you are going choke. Designer, and wiggled around impatiently, peering up at her mother curiously so beautiful the. A fundamental level this genre has the affair beautiful at the same again take a with... Week I would bring them all Danette!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of young adult categories Oh BOY I just added them all back, unpack them and take others 1 1! Did not expect to give anything away as the WORD says in James 3:16 ‘ where. Needs to make a decision, but this is our MEGA list!!!!!!!!: Trey Coleman from Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright, what surprises people is not when they discover how I... To include Escapades, by Lily Atlas, I have two books where HEROES.

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